Fineness Entertainment makes up another division of Fineness World Inc. Everyone is always in a hurry because the demands of modern life are very stringent. Most of us are very stress by the toll that our everyday lives takes on us. Therefore, it is virtually imperative to inject needed relaxing moments in our agenda and take the time to relax and laugh a little. This helps us fight the stress that competes very hard to install itself in our daily life - on a permanent basis. 

This is where Fineness Entertainment enters the scene. Its objective is to:

  • Include laughter in our daily lives by publishing books on humor through The Laughing Corner Collection.
  • Motivate listeners to think more positively and achieve their purpose through Fineness Music
  • Facilitate standup comic competition in a room setting as well as on TV.
  • Promote new, original and amazing shows in your town.
Fight Stress and Anxiety with Fineness Entertainment | Fineness World Inc. - Healthy Entertainment for the entire family. The Laughing Corner Collection Books will be available soon in our Store. If you want to be kept updated on the progress of Fineness Entertainment, email us at