Enjoy some good jokes to drop some bright lights into your day.

A tiger woke up one morning feeling magnificent.

 The Tiger felt so great that he went outside and cornered a small monkey and roared at him, 'Who is the mightiest of all the jungle animals?' The terrified little monkey replied, 'You, of course.

No one is mightier than you.'  A little while later, it was a deer's turn. 'Who is the greatest and strongest of all the jungle animals?' roared the tiger. The deer just managed to stammer a reply. 'Oh, great tiger, you are by far the mightiest animal in the jungle.'

 On a roll, the tiger swaggered up to an elephant who was quietly munching on some weeds and roared at the top of his voice, 'Who is the mightiest of all the animals in the jungle?' The elephant grabbed the tiger with his trunk, picked him up, slammed him down, picked him up again, and shook him until the tiger was just a blur of orange and black. Finally, it threw the tiger into a nearby tree.

The tiger fell out of the tree, staggered to his feet, looked at the elephant, and said, 'Man, no need to get mad  just because you don't know the answer.

Teacher to student:                                                                        Tell me after thinking, if I gave your father $500, but he only needs $200. How much will he give back to me?             Student: Not a single buck Teacher: Idiot, you don’t know Math                                                                                        Student: Sir, you don't know my father.

A man hit another man                                                                    A man hit another man with his bicycle. The other man becomes furious. The man said: Brother, don’t be angry. You are so lucky. The second man asks: How? The first man replied: Today, I left my job, otherwise, I would drive a truck.

Smart or Dumb?
Teacher: Tell me the chemical form of water.                  Student: HIJKLMNO. Teacher: What's this?                        Student: Sir you've said that the chemical formula of water is                   H to O!