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An official   -  Review of "The Mango Family"

The Mango Family by Anthony Cherubin is a graphic novel that contains different inspiring and educative stories about a family called "The Mango Family". The stories in this book were very concise and beautifully illustrated with pictures. The book started by doing a proper introduction of all the members of the family and other friends of the family as well. This book consists of seven different chapters, with each chapter narrating a unique and interesting story.

I enjoyed reading this book for so many reasons. The first reason is that this book contains very interesting stories that children can easily learn from. This book also contained beautiful pictures that made reading fun and interesting. I believe both children and adults can learn a lot from this book. Another interesting feature of this book is that it contains concise stories with great impact and lessons for the readers. 

Another reason I enjoyed reading this book is that it was professionally edited. I only noticed one error while reading this book. This also made reading the book fun and interesting. I also loved the author's style of writing. The stories were very easy to read and also very easy to relate to. This book certainly has a lot of information to pass across to its readers, whether they be children or adults...
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You Had Me At Adventures  -  Review of "The Mango Family"

While it is written for children, the Mango Family gives seven wonderful family tales, to which they give lessons for all ages. The book itself gives a great bio on each character, each holding an integral part of their family. Each character has relatable attributes that any reader can relate to. With a comic style format, the pages will catch the eyes of children and will draw them into the tales of the Mango Family. With the book containing several stories, it will grasp the reader to the lessons and how each story connects to one another. Overall, the book is ideal for young readers to build a moral compass, as well as self-perspective on family dynamics. 

The Review Garden  -  Review of "The Mango Family"

The graphic novel “The Mango Family” is beautifully written and colorfully illustrated. The author, Anthony Cherubin, wrote this novel to educate children as well as adults on how to create "Good Vibrations" in their families, friends, and communities.

The Mango Family is a delightful read for several reasons. One, this book contains seven fascinating and educational stories, along with relatable characters that young people and adults can learn from. Second, each story has a moral and uplifting concept for the readers. Third, is the way the author’s style shines brightly through the novel.

Future readers will cherish the nature of the drawings utilized and would eagerly recommend this book to others. The Mango Family will be a great addition to story-time or bedtime stories for the entire family.
Tim M. of Fort Myers  -  Review of "The Mango Family"

Great Book, Great Stories, Great Human Virtues
At First you may think it is a Children’s book, but it is far from that. Short Stories-colorful and Cheerful to bring Families together for discussion. Not Black & white dull stories only in Print. A good, No I stand corrected, it is a terrific way to have short discussions with all family members on Self Worth, Positive attitude and outlook on the bright side of life. Knowing responsibilities and Truth behind each of us in our relationships with others. Each story can be a family discussion of the week. Makes us think Differently of the world and those around us. Great work Anthony!
Renata R. of Fort Myers  -  Review of "The Mango Family"

The Mango Family book is a great conversation starter for you and your children, since it focuses on many current topics still not very well covered by other publications. The colors are vibrant, and the comic style layout will make it fun for your children to enjoy. Happy reading everyone!